At the start of 2018 I began an open ended project. I wanted to create a daily image post on this site which should be suitable for use as a wallpaper for mobile devices. The idea was to have a daily incentive to photograph, to be creative in a very small but genuine way. I also went out of my way to make it as simple as possible, trying to fit it into the crevices of my current life, those minutes here and there that are yet to be put into some schedule. Quantity begets quality, and if only I managed to stay at it I might be able to revitalize some artistic spur once laid aside for reasons only grown-ups understand. Well, sometimes even they don’t really know why they do the things they do – but I digress.

I think I did ok for a while. I made a point of switching my personal wallpaper to the posted image each and every day of the project, and on some days I was a bit proud of myself. But I quickly noticed a tendency to usurp images from days and weeks ago, because I hadn’t found the time… no, I hadn’t made it a priority on that particular day to go out and shoot. Other times I quickly searched my surroundings before going to bed for something that might serve as an abstract starting point for a post. Often, I wasn’t proud of the result but posted anyways.

On 15 February 2018 I made the last post and decided to call it quits. It was a spontaneous decision, borne out of the discontent of the previous days and weeks of more of the same, only worse; of uninspired, meaningless lines and bars and…

I’m collecting here the few images I might actually put on my device again. If you want to do so, just right-click or long-tap or whatever you need to do and feel free to put them on your screen.