It‘s a project… it‘s a photoblog… it‘s a place where I post an original image a day with the intention to collect wallpapers for my, your and everyone else‘s devices.

There aren’t many rules, actually there is just one: I’d like to post daily. Nothing fancy, no minimum word count or number of posts, nothing like that. Just a daily image which I deem suitable for use as a wallpaper. Might be a photo, might be an illustration, might be a mixture of the two… might be unfiltered, or edited to hell… I’m not even trying to capture/produce something each and every day, just that a new post goes up between sunrise and sunset each and every day for a year. I might schedule a few posts in advance, I might use older material. I might just post more than once a day every once in a while – I don’t know at this point in time. Really, all I want is some incentive, some sort of accountability in regard to putting something out there on the interwebs – quantity breeds quality, so basically this is a learning experience for me. In this regard, things might change. After all, this is a work in progress – as is life.

If you want to join me, come back every once in a while, comment if you’d like, share, tweet about it, whatever it is you do.